To comply with CAN-SPAM legal requirements, all Pinpointe campaigns must contain an unsubscribe link. Therefore, Pinpointe scans your campaigns before they are sent, and if an unsubscribe link is not found in the email, one will be added automatically. If you do not have an unsubscribe link in both the Text and the HTML versions of your email, one will be added.

You can customize the wording for the unsubscribe link and/or place it within your email design. 

Here's how in the WYSIWYG Editor:

  • In Pinpointe's email editor, click on in the location in which you would like to place your unsubscribe link, then on the "Insert Variable" button.

  • On the popup screen, choose "Unsubscribe Link" -> click "Insert Variable" button.

The unsubscribe link is now in your email.

Here's how in the Drag-N-Drop Editor:

  • While in Pinpointe's Drag-N-Drop Editor, click the text box spot where you would like to place your unsubscribe link and then click the spot where you would like to insert it -> Click "Insert Variable" button on the left.

  • In the drop down box, select the 'Unsubscribe Link' button and it will insert it in the location where you previously clicked.

Want to change the actual text of the unsubscribe link?

Here's a quick trick...

After you have created your link, which should read Click here to safely unsubscribe, click between any one of the letters and type your new text in - i.e. Remove Me From The List Immediately click here to safely unsubscribe. I changed the copy to "Remove Me From The List Immediately." Now just delete the other text. 

Remove Me From The List Immediately

This is trick is a time saver.