All the forms generated in Pinpointe are HTML code that you can modify to match your website look and feel. The HTML code generated has comments inside the code to let you know what fields must remain with specific names. Other than that, you can modify the entire HTML code to suit your needs.

After a form is created, you may copy the HTML code presented on the Add the Form to Your Website page, or come back to it at a later time for copying by clicking on the "Get HTML" link on the View Website Forms page which will redirect you back to the Add the Form to Your Website page. You can then modify the HTML to match your website's look and feel.

Once you are happy with the way the form looks you can then insert the HTML code into your own website. This can be hosted anywhere.  As long as you follow the directions that are written in the produced HTML this will work.

To modify the appearance of other screens involved in the subscribe procedure, such as 'error handling' or 'confirmation messages' etc, simply modify the HTML code when creating the forms on the multiple steps. You can also edit an existing form and follow the steps to locate the sections where you can place your own text and HTML for the required pages.

Note: Only signup (subscription) and unsubscribe forms can be hosted on your own website.