Pinpointe gives you HTML code so you can embed a form into your website. WordPress handles HTML differently to regular websites, so you will need to add a plugin before adding the HTML code. This article shows you how to add this plugin, then add your form to a WordPress post or page.

To install the plugin:


Log into your WordPress site as the administrator. Then click the Plugins link (1). You'll see a page similar to the one below. Click Add New (2).

When the Add Plugins page appears, type "code embed" without quotes in the keyword field (3). Then hit <return>. You'll see a box that titled "Code Embed". Click Install Now (4).

You'll see a screen that says the plugin is being installed. When it's finished, click Activate Plugin (5). 

Confirm that the plugin is active. Its background color will be blue.

Now go to the post or page on which you'd like to add your Pinpointe form. You can do this however you normally do. Once there, you will need to make sure Custom Fields are active. To do this, click Screen Options (6).

The top of the page will slide down. If it is not already checked, check Custom Fields (7).

You will now create a Custom Field that stores your form. Look for the Custom Fields section below.

Type "CODE1" without quotes under the name (8). Then paste your Pinpointe form's code under Value (9). Click Add Custom Field when done (10).

Almost there. Type "%CODE1%" without quotes where you want your form to be inserted (11). Then hit Preview (12).

Now you can see how your form will look on your website. Congratulations!