Pinpointe allows you to merge two or more databases and merge them into a *new, clean database.  When complete, you will have the option to name/rename the new merged database.  

Operation Notes:

  • The newly created database does *not* carry along any historic data or statistics regarding email opens, campaigns sent, etc. The purpose of merging two or more lists is to create a new, clean database of active contacts.  
  • Bounced emails are not included in the newly created merged database. 
  • When merging is complete, the original databases will still remain. These databases still retain the historical information, including open and click statistics.

Important note: If you delete the original source database - you will lose historical statistics and campaign results for the original lists you delete.  This includes any historical campaign statistics associated with the original lists, email queue logs associated with the original lists and per-contact event details such as clicks and opens.

To merge two or more databases, do the following:

Go to 
Manage Databases link on the home page.

Select the databases to be merged by clicking the checkbox to the left of the desired databases.

From the pull-down function bar just above the lists, select 'Merge the selected lists together.'

Hit the 'Go' button.

After the lists have been merged together successfully, you will be prompted to edit your list and set up the details for it. Give it an appropriate list name and list description and click the "Save" button. Your new list is now created.