The three most common reasons for your contact lists being rejected by Pinpointe are:

  1.  The spreadsheet is in Excel '.xls' format and is not in CSV format. 

  2.  The email addresses have trailing spaces and/or special (hidden) characters, and

  3.  The last column of the CSV formatted spreadsheet has some empty cells.  In this case, Pinpointe does not know if records that have an empty cell in the last column are incomplete, or if they are errors.

Be sure that the file to import is always in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.  If you are using MS Excel, you can save your spreadsheet in a compatible CSV format by selecting "Save As" Comma Separated Values (.csv).

To fix the second issue, simply remove these trailing spaces and you will be able to import your list.

Lastly, If your spreadsheet has any empty cells in the last column, we recommend re-ordering the columns to make sure that the last column does not have any empty cells. For example, take the column that includes email addresses - and move it to the last column.  

You can now re-import the list.