Tagged lists make it easier to select contacts from within your database and send them a targeted campaign.

Let’s say your company just hosted a webinar and you want to follow up with both those contacts who attended and those who registered but did not attend. You have already saved two separate CSV based on this information. Tagging them is simple.

Here's how:

For demonstration purposes, I’m going to use two lists (CSV files) created from a past Pinpointe webinar. The first file contains the contacts that attended the webinar and the second contains the contacts that registered and did not attend the webinar.

Starting from the main screen in your Pinpointe account, double click on the ‘Upload Contacts’ icon.

Then find the database you want to add the contacts to. I’m gonna add the contacts to one of my main databases, which is named ‘Event and Email Marketing Updates’

After you select the database you want to add your contacts to, hit the orange ‘Next >>’ button.

On the next screen, you will add your contacts. 

Make sure you select ‘Overwrite Existing Details’ prior to adding the file you saved your contacts in.

Now you can either drag you CSV file into the box on the screen or click in it to find your file on your computer. Once your file is uploaded, click the orange ‘Next >>’ button.

The next screen is important because it is where you are going to tag your list.

First make sure you have the first box selected that reads ‘Add Imported Contacts to a Tagged List’

Next you with give your tagged list a name. Make sure it is descriptive enough, so if you are looking through your tagged list a in a year from now, you will know exactly what type of contacts that list contains. Then add a description.

When you are done on this page, click the blue ‘Next>>’ button.

On the next screen that pops up, you must verify that you are loading a permission based list. If everything applies, initial in the specified box and click the ‘Start Importing’ button.

Once your tag list is loaded, you can verify by going to the Contacts tab at the top of the page > Manage Tagged Lists.

Once the new screen pops up, look for the tagged list you just created and verify the number of contacts in the list.

From here, you can also view all of the contacts within the list, edit the tag details, copy and delete the tagged list, and untag a contact if necessary.

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